Friday, December 21, 2007

Antilia - Mukesh Ambani's Residence

Antilia - House of one of the RICHEST man in the PLANET

Guess how many people are going to live in here in, Antilia????????

Only 6people !!!!!!! Watch and admire

Mukesh Ambani's Residence---Antilia

Mukesh Ambani's new residence - a 27-storey glass-fronted building will have parking for 168 cars, three helipads, a theatre and 600 staffers for its upkeep. Mukesh Ambani's new residence being constructed in Mumbai's Altamount Road is the stuff myths are made of. Named after the mythical island Antilia, the house-in-the-making will be completed by next year. It is being built on a 4,532 sq metre plot that was acquired by Ambani in 2002.
27 FLOORS: According to the plan, the house will rise to a height of 173.12 meters, equivalent to that of a regular 60-storeyed residential building . However, Antilia will have only 27 storeys in all.

SIX FLOORS FOR PARKING : The first six floors will be reserved for parking alone, and that too for cars belonging only to Mukesh's family. Space for a total of 168 imported cars has been earmarked here.

ENTERTAINMENT FLOOR: The eighth floor will have an entertainment centre comprising a mini-theatre .

BALCONIES WITH GARDENS : The rooftop of the mini-theatre will serve as a garden, and immediately above that, three more balconies with terrace gardens.

HEALTH FLOORS: While the ninth floor will have a 'refuge' floor - meant to be used for rescue in emergencies - two floors above that will be set aside for health. It will have facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, while the other will have a health club.

FOR GUESTS: There will be a two-storeyed glass-fronted apartment for the Ambani family's guests above the health floors.

FAMILY: The four floors at the top, that will provide a view of the Arabian Sea and a superb view of the city's skyline, will be for Mukesh, his wife Neeta, their three kids and Mukesh's mother Kokilaben .

AIR SPACE FLOOR: Two floors above the family's residence will be set aside as maintenance areas, and on top of that will be an 'air space floor,' which will act as a control room for helicopters landing on the helipad above. There will be three helipads there.

STAFF: Nearly 600 staffers are expected to work in the building.

COST: House with a Price Tag of Rs.4000 crore for 6 people and 600 staff


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