Monday, March 31, 2008

Flower Parade in Holland

Know about Antarctica

Antarctica has the lowest temperatures in our planet reaching 70° Celsius below zero with winds of 300 km. Per hour.Containing 90% of the planet's ice it's the major reserve of fresh water on Earth.

About 99% of Antarctica is covered with ice at an average thicknes of 2,500 meters, reaching in some places as deep as 4,776 meters.

If the ice layer would melt all the Earth's Oceans would rise 70 meters above the actual level.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zimbabwean with ‘plenty’ of cash

The picture shows a Zimbabwean carrying pile load of cash to buy something. Seems like a lot of money… but fact is the pile of cash is probably worth less than 100 US dollars.

Zimbabwe is suffering from an inflation crisis. The annual inflation in the African country has rocketed past the 100,000% barrier in March, by far the highest in the world (2nd placed Iraq has an estimated inflation of 60%).

Zimbabwe’s currency has tumbled to a record low of 25 million Zimbabwe dollars to one US dollar. 100 US dollars could exchange for nearly 20kg of local currency.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine how a country would manage to get themselves into the troubled situation. My countrymen would be crying like babies if our annual inflation rates reached 10%… 100,000% inflation? That’s unthinkable.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Canteen at Harvard University

The world's fastest limousine

The world's fastest limousine - a 170mph stretch Ferrari - is facing the chop after the supercar maker threatened legal action - for infringing its trademark.

Stunned owner Dan Cawley has been ordered to remove all badges from the 20ft-long, 400bhp limo and told never to modify a Ferrari again.

Lawyers claim that since he cut the 360 Modena in half and stretched it with a 9.5ft section of hand-built carbon fibre, it is no longer a Ferrari.
But Dan claims he approached Ferrari UK before he began the £200,000 conversion and was told he could "do what he liked" as the car was his own property.

It is now 20ft long and seats eight people - but has lost little of its performance because it weighs just 160kg more than the original 1390kg car.
It took over a year to convert the £130,000 black 360 Modena, which was bought second hand for £55,000. The project was completed in September 2007. It claimed the Guinness World Record for fastest limousine - at 166mph - six months ago.

The underground tunnel beneath Niagara Falls