Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Man wakes up in coffin

SANTIAGO - An 81-year-old man in the small Chilean village of Angol shocked his grieving relatives by waking up in his coffin at his own wake, local media said today.
When Feliberto Carrasco's family members discovered his body limp and cold, they were convinced the octogenarian's hour had come, so they immediately called a funeral home, not a doctor.

Carrasco was dressed in his finest suit for the wake and his relatives gathered to bid him a final farewell.

"I couldn't believe it. I thought I must be mistaken and I shut my eyes," Carrasco's nephew Pedro told the Ultimas Noticias newspaper.

"When I opened them again, my uncle was looking at me. I started to cry and ran to get something to open up the coffin to get him out."

The man who "rose from the dead" said he was not in any pain and only asked for a glass of water.

Local radio also surprised listeners by announcing a correction to Carrasco's death announcement, saying the news had been premature.

World's biggest horse

Mounting this Trojan steed is a tall order for any rider - at 19 hands (6ft 5 ins) high, Digger is believed to be Britain's biggest living horse.

The Clydesdale is hoping to make it into the record books despite being only four years old and still having some growing to do.

If he keeps growing as expected he could soon be a contender for the title of the world's largest horse.

The floppy-fringed shire horse was an orphan and did not have the best of starts to life.

But despite being hand-reared, Digger has grown strong and healthy, weighing 900 kilos and eating three times more than an ordinary horse.

Digger drinks between 20-25 gallons of water a day and needs to be transported in a specialised lorry.

Yahoo to cut 15-20% jobs

SAN FRANCISCO: Yahoo Inc is planning to announce cutbacks later this month that will likely lead to hundreds of job losses at the nearly 14,000 employee company, a source familiar with the plan said.

Yahoo spokeswoman Diana Wong declined to comment on a report published on the Silicon Alley Insider blog, which said Yahoo has created a list of “1,500-2,500 jobs that may be eliminated in the next two weeks.”

The source said the report significantly exaggerated the scale of the potential layoffs, the exact number of which is still being settled, but which will be announced around the time the company reports year-end results on January 29.

“There will be some reductions in the workforce,” the source told Reuters. “It would likely be in the hundreds.”

Yahoo's workforce stood at close to 14,000 at end-2007, up around 2,600, or 23 per cent, from the 11,600 employed a year earlier, according to company filings.

The company's headcount had grown 16 per cent in 2006 and 29 per cent in 2005. The source said Yahoo expects to end 2008 with the same number it had going into this year -- close to 14,000 -- which would suggest some selective hiring in focus areas offset by cutbacks in other businesses.

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