Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fantastic Mr Frost: How an icy night turned a car bonnet into a work of art

Sometimes nature's palette is richer than that of any artist, as these beautiful and surreal images show.

These delicate fronds and whorls are not decorative etchings, nor have they anything to do with vegetation, despite their biological appearance.

The car roof in Oxfordshire displays an almost snake-like pattern

while this one is covered in fronds of ferns

The sun begins to rise and soon the jungle of leaf designs will disappear. The frost has formed because metal becomes colder quicker than anything else around it.

Ice crystals form in tiny imperfections in the paintwork

and their shape is governed by the structure of the water molecules they're made of

Re-Designed mobiles for ladies

The China Airlines plane explodes in flames at Naha airport in Okinawa , Japan

All 165 passengers and crew successfully evacuated a Boeing jet today, moments before it burst into flames.
The China Airlines plane near the Naha airport terminal building in Okinawa , Japan . A spokesman for the Taiwanese airline said the Boeing 737 caught alight after it skidded on the tarmac on its way to a gate after landing. "The fire started when the left engine exploded a minute after the aircraft entered the parking spot," the transport ministry official AhihikoTamura said.

Italian artist Maurizio Savini designed Chewing Gum sculupture

Italian artist Maurizio Savini has distinguished himself by using a very unusual material for his sculptures: pink chewing gum. Here are some of his works.

Little green 'naked' alien discovered on Mars

Is this the confirmation we needed that there really are little green men living on Mars?

Bizarre images taken by Nasa's Mars Explorer Spirit have emerged showing a very strange human shape walking down a hill.

At first experts missed this clear evidence of ET living on the Red Planet.
It wasn't until space and science fiction enthusiasts became involved that the images were taken more seriously.