Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A small joke

A sardar from Delhi had an old car which had run for over a1,00,000 kilometres.
He wanted to sell it, but was not getting agood price because of its excess mileage.

He approached a Madrasi friend of his and asked for help.The Madrasi gave him an address in Chennai (Madras) and asked him to visit a mechanic there. The mechanic would adjust the meter so that it shows only 30,000 kilometres.

The sardar thanked him and left for Madras. For a few days,the Madrasi didn't see the sardar. He assumed that the sardarwould have sold the car.

A few weeks later, the sardar came to see the Madrasi inthe same car. The Madrasi was surprised and asked - "Whathappened? Why have you not sold your car yet?"
The sardar replied - "Why should I? It has run for only30,000 kilometres".

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