Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New airport runway in Portugal

In Portugal A special airport -- the airport's runway with a length of 2781 meters , which 1000 meters of the runway is supported by 180 pillars , each pillar 50 meters height (about 17 floors), surprisingly , the runway design are for B-747.
Look at the cars parked below the runway


Anne Oide said...

A friend has just pointed out that he saw this amazing runway in Madeira. NOT Portugal.
Spreading knowingly false information on the web should be viewed as a serious crime

mauand said...

FUNCHAL is the capital of the Portuguese archipelago MADEIRA which is one of the autonomous regions of PORTUGAL. It lies in the north Atlantic Ocean, about 500 km from the coast of Africa, west of Moroco and almost 1000 km south-west of Lisboa (Lisbon). Madeira Island and Porto Santo Island are the only inhabited islands. Its airport was once infamous for its short runway which, surrounded by high mountains and the ocean, made it a tricky landing for even the most experienced of pilots. The original runway was only 1,400 metres in length, but was extended by 400 metres after the TAP Air Portugal incident of 1977. (see: TAP Portugal Flight 425 - Google)
It was subsequently rebuilt in 2003, almost doubling the size of the runway, building part of it on pillars."
(Part of the information from Wikipedia) Mauand